A Mimic wakes up one day only to realize that its precious treasure chest has been stolen. So it decides to leave its home for the first time to go on an adventure to find the one responsible and get it back.

As it explores the world it meets the various inhabitants that aren't too friendly towards it. However, the little Mimic has no means of attack of its own, so it has to survive by imitating whatever attack it sees until its enemies get tired.


For this proof of concept I have finished 2 levels out of 4 that I had planned due to various circumstances: The tutorial level and the final boss.

NOTE: I have temporarily disabled Normal Mode for the Prince fight, due to the fact that it's not properly choreographed and timed yet and is basically impossible to beat without the Arrows visible on screen. I will re-enable it once it's been adjusted.



Danny Sternbeck (Game Design, Programming and voice of the Guardian)

Kinga Kroliczek (3D and Texturing)

Sina Hofmann (2D and Animation)

Máté Osztermayer ("Theme of the Guardian" and voice of the Prince)

Tristan Blaskowitz ("Theme of the Prince" and "The Castle")

This prototype was made in one semester at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz

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TagsFairy Tale, Unity
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